We offer the right individual solution
for individual challenges.


Project Management

We have an experienced range of project managers who are always ready to consult our customers through the full project management flow. Although we have the ability to manage IT projects in their entirety we can also offer our consultants for specific technical knowledge, initial detailed requirements phase or implementation coordination. Through our vast experience and global network we can advise on best practices and give clear recommendation and learning points from our previous activities so as to ensure the success of your project. 

Professional Services

Today TTNI has a large network of personnel located at the customer site both temporarily and permanently. Although we are primarily focused on IT personnel we can also provide people with specialist skills in other areas. Such as specific Toyota knowledge, engineering experience or Japanese skills. However, we always strive to find the right people for the job.

We take a very unique approach to our contracted members as we really pride ourselves on not only offering the onsite member but also providing all of the necessary back office support. This means that if you choose a particular TTNI member's support onsite we will always make sure that both you and they benefit from our inhouse technical and administrative support. As customer satisfaction is paramount we regularly monitor the progress of our members and customer alignment by ensuring regular reporting and feedback sessions. This is achieved through assigning a dedicated responsible within our organisation who can act as the window person for escalations and enquiries related to our contracted members.


Due to the expansion of IT integration into the workplace and shifts from in-house IT to external datacentres. We clearly understand the importance of IT security. Therefore, we have developed a specific section of our business dedicated to IT security. We understand that IT security is an organic ongoing activity that needs to be monitored and developed as technologies change. For this reason we have a trained team of security specialists that can assess our customers' IT environment, recommend best practices and follow up on security level progress over time. Specifically for Toyota we also offer ATSG (All Toyota Security Guidelines) consultancy in order to support group companies to align with the Toyota global security strategy for best practices in IT, physical security and process flows.  

In addition, TTNI has a selection of security and monitoring tools that can be implemented for a preventative security approach.