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TTNI Europe Solutions Seminar 2015

This year our 2015 TTNI-E Seminar was held at the Technical Centre of Toyota Motor Europe (TME) in Zaventem, Belgium and was inaugurated by Mr. Pierre Masai (VP of TME IS).The event provided a great opportunity for Toyota Group members to meet in person to discuss common issues and consider new ideas for the future success of the Toyota group. In continuation of last year’s successful event we provided access to even more interesting IT solutions from various vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, more

TTNI Europe Officially Announced

We are proud to announce that TTNI Europe was officially announced at our opening ceremony in Genval at Chateaux De Lac on September 21st. As you may know Toyota Tsusho ID Systems and Toyota Digital Cruise Europe are now working under the single name of TT Network Integration Europe as of July 1st 2015. We believe that this can only enhance our customers experience and will bring forward an extended list of IT services including full access to our global TTNI resources. We were joined at the ceremony more

TTNI-E Annual Seminar 2015

Join us at our annual seminar scheduled on October 21st to be held at the European R&D Technical Center of Toyota Motor Europe in Brussels.We will go through IT innovation solutions relevant to the automotive industry from manufacturing to logistics to office solutions.In addition, we are proud to announce that you will have a chance to experience the Toyota i-ROAD, the 3 wheeled prototype currently in use in France for a car sharing program.Only 40 of these vehicles exist more

Pan-E InnovaTion Fair at Toyota Motor Europe

In March 2015, for the second year, Toyota Motor Europe organized the Pan-E InnovaTion Fair in Brussels, Belgium. Visitors to the fair included Toyota members from Belgium and all over Europe. This event gave an opportunity for Toyota IT departments to present new creative ideas to other Toyota departments to facilitate the flow of ideas and innovation. People from different fields were invited to give their input concerning the use of these innovative efforts in their respective business areas. The more

TTID and Lenovo partnership in the EMEA region

TTID has entered into a partnership with Lenovo Europe to offer our customers the quickest and easiest PC fleet renewals. TTID and Lenovo have built a strong long-term partnership to offer customers excellent service. TTID is an expert in determining Toyota group needs and provides complete technical assistance. Lenovo is renowned for good quality equipment and innovative forward-thinking design. Together we provide our services within the EMEA region for the best price negotiated specially for more

TTID Solutions Seminar 2014

This year our 2014 TTID Seminar “IT Enterprise Solutions” was held at the well-known automotive museum “AutoWorld” in Brussels. The event offered valuable opportunities for Toyota Group members to meet in person, discuss common issues and consider new ideas for the future success of the group. This year the seminar format was divided into two parts: presentations and vendor sessions. Having leading IT vendors present their products and services was a welcome addition to the seminar and offered more

TTID Seminar 2014 'IT Enterprise Solutions'

Why You need to be there? The 3rd annual TTID Solutions Seminar is a good platform to discuss with other Toyota group companies and understand their IT directions. This year we will take you a step further and offer you an interactive experience. You will have the opportunity to have direct contact with vendors who will be present to offer you access to their latest devices. In addition, the vendors can explain how this can be relevant to your IT environment and which special offers are available more

New MS O365 Public Package for Toyota Group companies

TTID rollout project for a special O365 solution has started in the EMEA region. After noticing a demand for a new product TTID IT Solutions joined forces with Microsoft and in cooperation created a special Office 365 Public Package for Toyota group companies. What is MS O365? It is a package of collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. MS O365 enables everyone to work together easily and anywhere with access to email, web conferencing, documents and calendars. The more

TTID Seminar 2013 'Innovation and Security'

The TTID Seminar 2013 “Innovation and Security”, hosted in Brussels, was a great success covering the latest enterprise technologies presented by IT industry leaders. The presentations focused on the challenges faced by Toyota group companies, the current IT trends and considerations for the future. Throughout the day our speakers were able to introduce us to their approach to better collaboration in the workplace, how to manage our IT security, data privacy issues and better ways to monitor more

Why You Can't Afford to Miss It?

TTID Seminar "Innovation and security", 29 November 2013 The seminar will focus on the challenges faced when keeping your IT environment secure while still being able to utilise the latest technologies on the market. As part of the seminar you will have the opportunity to see how other companies are improving collaboration in the workplace while maintaining their corporate and private security. Major topics: Collaboration Services in the Workplace Presented by Toyota Motor Europe In the more