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TTNI Europe Officially Announced

We are proud to announce that TTNI Europe was officially announced at our opening ceremony in Genval at Chateaux De Lac on September 21st. As you may know Toyota Tsusho ID Systems and Toyota Digital Cruise Europe are now working under the single name of TT Network Integration Europe as of July 1st 2015. We believe that this can only enhance our customers experience and will bring forward an extended list of IT services including full access to our global TTNI resources. We were joined at the ceremony by our esteemed guests from Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso Japan, Toyota Digital Cruise Japan, Toyota Tsusho Japan and Toyota Motor Europe just to mention a few. It was our absolute pleasure to host the participants and it was their enthusiasm during this joyous occasion that we believe can only be a good omen for the future of our company. We would like to thank all of our guests, customers and employees whose support has been crucial to our development.

As TTNI-E we pledge to do our best to support you all and to continue supporting Toyota IT.

Thank you,