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TTID Seminar "Innovation and security", 29 November 2013

The seminar will focus on the challenges faced when keeping your IT environment secure while still being able to utilise the latest technologies on the market. As part of the seminar you will have the opportunity to see how other companies are improving collaboration in the workplace while maintaining their corporate and private security.

Major topics:

Collaboration Services in the Workplace

Presented by Toyota Motor Europe

In the age of social media, improved mobile device technology and cheaper communication, companies are being challenged to bring the IT user experience at home into the workplace. In an effort to accomodate for this most companies are choosing to implement tools such as SharePoint and Lync among others. However, although on paper they are fit for purpose there is still a whole array of challenges and considerations that need to be addressed before a smooth and secure implementation can be achieved. Toyota Motor Europe have been kind enough to agree to share their experience and vision in this area. In addition, they will explain how they are planning to integrate their various related systems and move towards a more unified communication model.

Connectivity and Security

Presented by Vodafone

With more and more business being done via mobile devices the office has extended beyond the traditional four walls. However, this presents new concerns and restrictions. Many of these restrictions have tradionally sat on the side of the network carrier provider until now. Vodafone will present how they are streamlining access to the office from anywhere through the introduction of their unified communication tools which allow you to carry your office number and environment anywhere. Moreover, they will present their "Mobile Device Management" solutions addressing the security concerns rising from the usage of mobile devices for both private and business purposes. 

Data Privacy Policy

Pat Walshe - Data Protection and Privacy Policy

"Big data!, Cloud Services!, Telematics!" just a few buzz words that we are starting to hear almost everywhere. All of which support and encourage the colleciton of more data from our customers and employees. With all this potentially intrusive information at hand we have a strong moral responsibility to handle and manage it in the most ethical manner possible. Pat Walshe is an expert in the area and will help us to understand the do's and don'ts and the future trends in data privacy. As a consultant to the EU and Director to the GSMA he has a unique insight that will allow us to proactively approach our future IT projects with the end user privacy in mind.

Security in the Workplace

Presented by KPMG

With a global network of professional firms providing Advisory services to enterprises across the world KPMG is in a unique position to judge the most common security pitfalls in companies today. During their presentation they will highlight the most frequent hindsights made when it comes to maintaining a secure and healthy IT ecosystem at work. The areas covered are information security risks, business system security and general best practices and processes.

Security is a Big Data problem

Presented by Splunk

We all believe that we have end to end visibility of our physical and virtual IT infrastructure. But the reality is that we don't. With different tools monitoring different segments it very difficult to piece together the implications on the rest of the environment when we have an issue at one particular point . Enter Splunk! They have an innovative tool that can act as central interface to all the various data feeds with a powerful search and business intelligence function. During their presentation they will explain how we can use such tools to proactively fix our problems, find root causes and improve general performance.

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