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TTID Seminar 2013 'Innovation and Security'

The TTID Seminar 2013 “Innovation and Security”, hosted in Brussels, was a great success covering the latest enterprise technologies presented by IT industry leaders. The presentations focused on the challenges faced by Toyota group companies, the current IT trends and considerations for the future. Throughout the day our speakers were able to introduce us to their approach to better collaboration in the workplace, how to manage our IT security, data privacy issues and better ways to monitor our environments. The event brought together 21 Toyota Group companies and offered a place for discussion and synergy with an overwhelming interest in participating in future seminars. As the participants were from the IT sector of their respective companies it was a great opportunity to discuss their individual concerns together and learn from their Toyota group counterparts.

In general the response was really positive and bearing in mind your comments we are already busy making preparations for next year’s seminar.

We hope to see you there!