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New MS O365 Public Package for Toyota Group companies

TTID rollout project for a special O365 solution has started in the EMEA region.

After noticing a demand for a new product TTID IT Solutions joined forces with Microsoft and in cooperation created a special Office 365 Public Package for Toyota group companies.

What is MS O365?

It is a package of collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. MS O365 enables everyone to work together easily and anywhere with access to email, web conferencing, documents and calendars. The package includes business class security. This MS O365 Public Package was initially developed due to a request from Toyota Dealers for an online solution that considers their needs. This package is now available to other Toyota group companies.

Why choose MS O365 Public Package offered by TTID IT Solutions?

The close relationship between TTID and Microsoft enables us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and reliable IT resources. This package is beneficial as it uses the same software platform as Toyota facilitating communication and enabling the highest level of collaboration with Toyota and other group companies. In addition, TTID offers the package at the best possible price. This is due to the benefits from
the Toyota Master Agreement with Microsoft enabling below market prices for Microsoft products
to Toyota group companies.

TTID IT Solutions has an exclusive agreement with Microsoft to promote this package in the EMEA region.

TTID is offering an O365 E1 and O365 E3 packages among others.

For more information about this new IT solution please contact: licensesupport[at]ttid-systems[dot]com