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TTID Seminar 2014 'IT Enterprise Solutions'

Why You need to be there?

The 3rd annual TTID Solutions Seminar is a good platform to discuss with other Toyota group companies and understand their IT directions. This year we will take you a step further and offer you an interactive experience. You will have the opportunity to have direct contact with vendors who will be present to offer you access to their latest devices. In addition, the vendors can explain how this can be relevant to your IT environment and which special offers are available to Toyota. Topics include:

  • Latest TTID Products, Services and Volume Discount Program
  • License Management, presented by Snow Software
  • Engineering out of the Cloud, presented by T-Systems
  •  Lync Technology, presented by TTID
  • IT Environment Approach, presented by a Toyota Affiliate

Latest TTID Products, Services and Volume Discount Program

As you may already know TTID has been working with Microsoft to provide a volume based discount with a rich feature list that is exclusively available to Toyota Affiliates. However, in addition to Microsoft TTID is constantly negotiating with other major Software, Hardware and Service vendors to ensure the best deal to Toyota entities across Europe, Middle East & Africa. At the seminar we will showcase the latest products available through our special discount program and will give you the opportunity to speak to some of our partners directly. It is also a great opportunity for our guests to direct us on where we should focus next. Your feedback will be key as we are constantly finding more commonalities across the group entities that can be combined to provide the best value and ultimately support Toyota.

License Management Presented by Snow Software

The increasing need for various types of licenses (Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and many more) brings along an inherent complexity that companies have to face. With a global reach Snow Software is a company providing the best way to manage large volumes of licenses. The Software Asset Management (SAM) is the most effective way to find that exact balance between the risks of non-compliance and over-spending. Snow Software will offer their expert insight into the complex world of license management. Their presentation will include:

  • Background of Snow & TTID – matching your own goals on how to better serve customers.
  • Tips and tricks of vendors (examples: Oracle, IBM & MS/SAP) and how this is covered at Snow Software.
  • What is the benefit and how can a group company make use of the TTID/Snow SAM service.

The people from Snow will be present during the whole Seminar day and will be open to engage in discussions on the topics of Snow and License Management.

Lync Technology Presented by TTID

In order to ensure the most innovative work environment for Toyota group companies a new user-friendly solution has been developed – Lync Hosting in a Private Cloud for Toyota. TTID will introduce a Lync Enterprise Plus solution that enables a large number of users from all Toyota Group companies in Europe to benefit from the offered features of this private environment.

This is a high-quality fully flexible integrated solution that can be accessed from mobile phones, fixed Lync phones or from anywhere on a PC perfectly integrating with Outlook and Sharepoint.
Lync Enterprise Plus includes:

  • Voice Calls and HD Video
  • Conference Calls including Screen Sharing
  • Calls to and from PSTN using a SIP gateway in your country
  • Availability Status
  • Chat and Messaging

Making communication easier and keeping costs low TTID brings Group companies closer together. The presentation by TTID will include ways in which this solution can be developed to include even more possibilities in the future.

TTID Solutions understands the importance of focusing on latest IT trends for the enterprise. For us it is crucial to be the forum for communication for Toyota IT through our annual event.