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TTID Solutions Seminar 2014

This year our 2014 TTID Seminar “IT Enterprise Solutions” was held at the well-known automotive museum “AutoWorld” in Brussels. The event offered valuable opportunities for Toyota Group members to meet in person, discuss common issues and consider new ideas for the future success of the group. This year the seminar format was divided into two parts: presentations and vendor sessions. Having leading IT vendors present their products and services was a welcome addition to the seminar and offered an interactive experience which was highly appreciated by the attendees.

We are also proud to announce that year on year we see an increased interest towards the TTID seminar from the various Toyota Group IT departments. As a result of this the number of participants has grown consistently, a trend which we hope will continue in future years as we continue to work for you and your IT needs.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your strong support and sincerely hope to see you at next year’s event as preparations are already underway

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