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TTID and Lenovo partnership in the EMEA region

TTID has entered into a partnership with Lenovo Europe to offer our customers the quickest and easiest PC fleet renewals.

TTID and Lenovo have built a strong long-term partnership to offer customers excellent service. TTID is an expert in determining Toyota group needs and provides complete technical assistance. Lenovo is renowned for good quality equipment and innovative forward-thinking design. Together we provide our services within the EMEA region for the best price negotiated specially for the Toyota group companies.

We provide all required equipment – desktops, laptops, tablets – and take care of the installation so the equipment is ready for use.

We take care of all steps of the PC fleet renewal. There is zero headache involved and you can continue with daily business.

To make it accessible even on a smaller budget we offer PC fleet renewal in a leasing format so it is affordable to renew a large amount of equipment at once.

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