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Pan-E InnovaTion Fair at Toyota Motor Europe

In March 2015, for the second year, Toyota Motor Europe organized the Pan-E InnovaTion Fair in Brussels, Belgium. Visitors to the fair included Toyota members from Belgium and all over Europe. This event gave an opportunity for Toyota IT departments to present new creative ideas to other Toyota departments to facilitate the flow of ideas and innovation. People from different fields were invited to give their input concerning the use of these innovative efforts in their respective business areas. The best ideas were selected by the visitors.

In order help demonstrate practical application Toyota partner companies were invited to participate. Besides showing interesting and innovative solutions around QR-Code technology, TTID was requested to showcase a practical implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) in real business environments. In collaboration with our partner company Smartpick we offered the visitors a chance to try out a smart glasses application within the context of logistics and warehouse management. Visitors had the opportunity to get a glance at the working conditions in the future Industry 4.0 working environment. The demonstrated smart glasses application enables warehouse workers to easily manage distribution and sorting by instructions given on a smart glasses screen. This solution has generated much interest and is already used in the daily business of several companies in Europe, such as TNT, Continental Automotive and Audi.

We would like thank Toyota Motor Europe for the opportunity and look forward to future years of cooperation at the Pan-e Innovation Fair.

Photo gallery of the event: